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Rabindra Sarobar Renewal Project
Hiland Group had joined hands with the Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority to carry out a unique urban landscaping project on a portion of the Rabindra Sarobar lake. This beautification prototype is planned in a manner that it can be replicated across the vast green spaces of the entire Sarobar precincts. The pilot was much appreciated by the morning and evening walkers, who use the lakes on a daily basis. More such urban renewal and beautification projects are in the pipeline.

Green Cover and Tree Transplantation
Calcutta Riverside is home to over 3,000 majestic trees, of which many are over 50 years old. Apart from creating interesting spaces around these trees, a detailed exercise of tree transplantation is being carried out. Under expert guidance, trees are transplanted with utmost care to an onsite transit nursery, where they are nurtured for about 6 months, before being finally relocated within the township. More than 700 trees have already been transplanted in this process. To add more to the Calcutta Riverside green cover, an offsite nursery has also been developed to nurture plants from different parts of India, suitable to the climate of Kolkata.

Religious Structures Renovated
All the existing religious structures at Calcutta Riverside have been retained, renovated.

Public Schools Refurbished
The existing public schools within the Calcutta Riverside campus have been retained and refurbished.

Shop Rehab
All the existing temporary shop structures in and around Calcutta Riverside are being relocated to a formatted and organised retail zone and are being registered as well. Hiland is also offering all requisite civic amenities and handholding to help catalyse business growth for the local shopkeepers.